The Village

Guethary is the smallest village on the Basque coast, located at the same distance from Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz.
In the heart of the village the town hall and the Fronton where take place the annual pelota tournament of Café de Madrid and other festivities.
Near the hotel you can choose your beach or go down visiting the picturesque little fishing harbours with a few colorful boats, seeing surfers, some of whom come from very far for the world famous waves of Parlementia.
For the more curious discover the history of the village, from the church to the port passing by the beautiful houses in Neo-Basque style.

Guethary a village that naturally combines sport and culture.

Leisure activities


Café de Madrid will be the ideal starting point for a discovery of the Basque Country at your own pace.
Numerous walks departing from the hotel and which runs along the ocean to Hendaye ..
Parlementia, Cenitz, Arotzen Costa, Alçyon ..., beaches, creeks with evocative names that you are surfer, sportsman or adept of holidays near the Ocean, the mythical Spots of the Basque coast are here.
Lovers of the cultural heritage discover the Basque country "inside" to meet the emblematic villages of the region (Espelette, Ainhoa ...).
Then the nearby golf course, thalasso centers and a little further Spain and San Sebastian and why not going to Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim Museum, become a must ...